Whispers should show the show-replies widget

Whisper posts show the reply-to in the upper right side of the post, but they don’t show the show-replies widget in the lower left side.


Is this by design or was it an oversight?

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By design, since they are whispers.


But since whispers can be replied to and they show the original message, wouldn’t it make sense to also allow staff to follow the conversation more easily by navigating through the replies?


Just to be clear, I don’t mean that the original post should show the ‘show-replies’ widget (since a regular user won’t be able to see it), what I mean is that replies to other whispers should show the widget. For example:

  • userA post 1
  • staff1 whisper 1
  • userB post
  • userC post
  • staff2 whisper 2 (replying to whisper 1)
  • userD post
  • staff3 whisper 3 (replying to whisper 1)

Staff3 should be able to see that whisper 1 has already been replied to in whisper 2 (which might not be obvious without going through all the messages)

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I mean maybe, what do you think @sam? If it is an easy change I am for it. If it is not an easy change, I am against it.

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This is reasonably complicated to change, would probably take me an hour or 2 of work to find all the edge cases, we don’t want to leak the fact that whispers exists to non whisper posts so we can only update this info in very specific cases.

Putting #pr-welcome , only welcome if the change is carefully tested and accounts for not leaking whisper existence and does not add perf concerns.


Hi Sam, thanks for the heads up.

I thought everything was taken care of in the backend and it was just a matter of adding the button in the frontend.

We make heavy use of the whispers feature and, since currently it’s really hard to know who has replied to what, multiple staff members end up replying to the same issue because they don’t realize that someone else had already taken care of it.

Therefore, I will probably put in the time to implement this at some point. I would appreciate it if you could give me a few pointers (which files should I start with) or let me know what the edge cases could be.

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Also, I’ve noticed what I think is a bug.

Steps to reproduce

  1. User1 writes post 1
  2. Staff1 replies to post 1 with post 2
  3. Staff1 replies to post 1 with whisper 1 and a @mention to Staff2
  4. Staff2 replies to whisper 1 with whisper 2
  5. Staff3 replies to whisper 2 with whisper 3
  6. Staff1 clicks on the show-replies widget of post 1

Expected behavior

Post 2 is visible and only whisper 1 is visible with the format of a whisper (light grey italics).

Current behavior

Post 2 is visible and whispers 1, 2 and 3 are all visible with the format of regular posts (however User1 can only see post 2).

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Hi Sam,

I don’t know if you’ve changed your mind about this, but I recently noticed a new surprising behavior:

  1. When an admin replies to a previous whisper, the show-replies widget shows this, which is what I would expect:

  1. However, when you reload the page, the widget is no longer visible.


Another weird thing I found (I haven’t been able to replicate it). Here a whisper shows that it has a reply (even after reloading), but the reply is a non-whisper. :thinking: