Who can Permanently Delete?

I wanted to document this here. The permanently delete functionality for various user groups:

| User Group  | Has Permanently Delete |
| ----------- | ---------------------- |
|    Admin    |            Y           |
|  Moderator  |            Y           |
|     TL4     |            N           |
|     TL3     |            N           |
|     TL2     |            N           |
|     TL1     |            N           |
|     TL0     |            N           |

Feel free to correct me if this isn’t right, but I was able to do a quick test on my Forums.


I wasn’t sure a moderator could permanently delete, but I’ve had a test run to check and the option does appear in their post wrench. Though when I attempted it with a test moderator it gave me a ‘Sorry, an error has occurred’ message, but worked fine using an admin account.

Is there something extra I need to do to allow a moderator to do it?


Be sure to open a bug on this (either here or on dev) sounds like something we want to fix. I think this feature is an admin only feature.


Continued in - Error when attempting to permanently delete as moderator