Who does @here ping?

If you’ve replied to a topic, but then set your activity to normal, will @ here ping you?

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I don’t believe @here works in topics at all? I believe that’s only relevant for chat.


No, where I go, it works, and were wondering if it only pings people in Tracking and Watching, or if it pings everyone that replied, no matter what.

I believe the only way to check that would be to test, since it can’t be reproduced here?

I asked the AI settings explorer:

Moin: Understanding the @here Mention Functionality AI


There are settings about the @here mention. How does this mention work? Does it depend on the user’s tracking status of the topic where it is used?


Searching site settings

Found 2 results for '@here'

Look up site setting context

Reading context for: max_here_mentioned

Based on the context provided for the max_here_mentioned setting, here’s how the @here mention works in Discourse:

  • The @here mention is used to notify a maximum number of users who have posted in the current topic. The maximum number is determined by the max_here_mentioned site setting, which defaults to 10.

  • When someone uses @here in a post, the expand_here_mention method in the PostAlerter service is called. This method finds all the users who have posted in the topic, up to the max_here_mentioned limit.

  • Staff users using @here will mention users who have made regular posts or whispers in the topic. For non-staff, only users who made regular posts are included.

  • The @here mention does not directly depend on the tracking status of users in the topic. It simply looks at who has posted previously in that topic, regardless of their tracking status, and notifies them up to the max limit.

  • There are some additional restrictions on who can use @here:

    • The here_mention site setting must be enabled
    • The user must be authenticated
    • The username “here” cannot already exist on the site
    • The user must either be in an allowed group (here_mention_allowed_groups) or have a certain trust level (min_trust_level_for_here_mention)

So in summary, @here will ping a maximum number of users who previously posted in the topic, but does not directly look at tracking status. Its availability is controlled by a few other site settings as well.


I’d get flagged for testing.

You can use try.discourse.org for testing

I’m… 90% sure that setting is for chat.

Edit: Nope, I’m wrong, didn’t know it worked in topics:


And apparently the default “privleged” groups are staff, and TL2?

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The setting description says topic and the setting is in the posting section (not in chat)


yeah, ok thanks, this is what I needed to know:


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