Who is Discobot?

Is it possible to disable discobot so that welcome PM to newly registered member is sent from different (real person) account?

Or do I need to use API for this?

Yes, search your site settings for the word “discobot”

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Note that as of Discourse 2.6, experienced users can skip this feature entirely:


My biggest frustration with Discobot is that it keeps me ignorant of my progress.

The first time I used Discobot was at the end of 2019. And the lessons seemed ENDLESS. I needed to get back to other work after the 10th time it patronizingly congratulated me… (And I wanted to strangle it because of the relentless MS ‘Clippy’ cheerfulness.) But I worried that if I bailed, I would have to suffer through restarting from the introductory lesson to be awarded these Badges. (Maybe the badges were needed to progress to the next User authorization level? Being new to Discourse, I did not know if Badges were a key to releasing feature access.) Unfortunately, I had NO idea how many lessons remained.

So, include a configuration option to tell users “lesson 2 of 10”… so they can know how close they are to completion.


The capybara trick makes me smile every time! But is there a way to get both badges without the hassle? After completing this on 10+ Discourse instances, this is becoming less fun…

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I don’t believe the badges are mandatory so I think it’s fine to skip the tutorial on additional sites if you don’t think it will offer anything new. :slight_smile:

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