Why 10m interval for Akismet's Jobs::CheckForSpamPosts?

It looks like the default polling period for the Jobs::CheckForSpamPosts scheduled task (which checks new posts for spam) is every 10 minutes.

  • Is there a reason for that?
  • Is there any reason it couldn’t be more frequent?

It checks in real time for TL0 users. Everything else is scheduled, I believe. @eviltrout can confirm.

It’d be nice if that could be configurable …

Since we are SSO, we’ve brought all new users in as TL1 since there’s some basic bot checking on our registration site. (Apparently not enough?!) And Akismet skips >= TL2.

Yes, @codinghorror is right. It checks every 10 minutes unless you are TL0, in which case it will check as soon as it can.

Spam can come from users who aren’t bots. I wouldn’t recommend defaulting to TL1 like this.


OK, will try to bump it back down to TL0 default and see if we can balance the annoyed new users vs. spam issue. :slightly_smiling:

What are they annoyed about?
It might be possible to tweak other Settings instead of giving them unearned Trust.

They were annoyed because they weren’t actually new users in our community, just new Discourse users. (We are much bigger than just our Discourse installation.) And they had unreasonable restrictions placed on what they could do/post/link/upload. But now that we’ve been up and running for a while, that might not happen now that pretty much everyone who’s going to sign in to Discourse for the first time will, in fact, be new. We’ll see. :slightly_smiling: