Why are the Watched Words settings under Logs instead of under Settings?

It took me forever to find them…

Because it had to be under one of the subareas, it can’t be at the root. Which other sub area do you think would be better?

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding something subtle here. I would expect it to be at something like /admin/site_settings/category/watchedwords .

It would need to be under one of these top level categories

It can’t be under “settings” because that is a list of key-value pairs in boolean/integer/list/etc type, not an actual interface for additional configuration.

If Logs contains “screened IPs” then conceptually watched words are “screened words”. It doesn’t seem that illogical to me, captain!


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I think we could make a “sub area” in Setting and add “Site, Screened Ips, Watched Words” as sub-tabs. I agree it is somewhat confusing that “logs” which is mostly about “mostly read” list of things is used to configure settings on the site. (still keep as default tab “Site”, so it would work just as it does today)

There is no ideal solution here, but kind of feels like sub-tabs in settings make sense.

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No way I want to take that on now. And log scanning – even real time log scanning – is pretty close to what’s going on there. Not perfect but “good enough” in my book.

How about renaming the ‘Logs’ tab to ‘Logs & Screening’? I must admit I’ve been unable to find watched words more than once too :slight_smile:


Long term I would also support a change. I too admittedly have not been able to find words because it’s somewhat of a weird grouping.

I think the solution would probably involve a different design, such as a dropdown, that could hold more menu items.

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