Why did you flag my personal message?

In a two-person private message, suppose one of the parties flagged the other person. Managers see the flag and, in addition to checking, hide the flagged post.

At this time, a message will be sent to the other party stating that “your post has been hidden by the community report” along with a direct link to the post. In my opinion, revealing the identity of the reporter is not a good thing and it is better to always be hidden.

Consider that discourse may be used in a school and a student may want to report a threat to principals …

It would be great if we could change the relevant system message for private messages or prevent it from being sent.


I’d like to second this and the past complaints that the hidden-number, opaque flag threshold system is not good for predictability.

Smaller forums deserve the predictability of person count guarantees for automated actions, and just in general avoiding a single user flag from having any visible effect except in exceptional circumstances (the old “TL3 spam flagging TL0” rule).


This seems very specific:

  • when in a PM with only two people
  • when one of those two (and only two) people flags a post in the PM
  • when the staff agrees with the flag and hides the post

I’m not really sure why this is a problem. It seems so narrow. I’m not even following what you’re describing here @riking

The “flag sensitivity” settings which incorporate a user’s past flag agree score means that a single user with a good flag history can trigger the “this post was hidden by the community” display with an off-topic/inappropriate flag, if your score is high enough. That fact that it also works in PMs is just a particularly bad special case.

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This seems very specific, but it can happen a lot in large forums. I think the identity of the reporter should not be revealed under any circumstances, this is very important.

And yet, out of thousands of customers, and eight years working on this project… this is literally the first report of this “problem” I’ve ever read.

I think it’s obvious to the point of being ridiculous to even talk about, that if only two people are in a PM, and one of the messages gets flagged, obviously the other person flagged it.

Waving your hands around and saying “oh this should somehow be a big secret, when two people are in a PM and a flag mysteriously appears” is just… an incredible waste of everyone’s time.


I do not know, maybe we are too strict about this. Others may point to this in the future. I’m sure good decisions will be made over time as always.

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