Why does the system download local copies of images?

I made a topic in the DevForums, but I’ve encountered this:


and I have questions:

  1. Why they automatically download local copies of images?
  2. Why it always start with upload:// and ends with .png?
  3. What is it meant to be used in Discourse?

I am sure there are many but in checking the Discourse settings for a site found

download remote images to local

Convert remote (hotlinked) images to local images by downloading them; This preserves content even if the images are removed from the remote site in future.


Because downloading images from other web sites is unreliable (they might get deleted) and rude (you’re using their bandwidth).

Unless images are really small (there is a site setting defining small) they get processed into a .png to save space. They start with upload:// because that’s the way to refer to those uploads in markdown.

I don’t understand this question.


I mean “why is it meant to be used in discourse”

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