Why firefox 87 is no longer supported?

What others can do and this not?

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This will probably help:


So for what I see the execCommand is deprecated.
I doubt it is not a better solution.
For that years that was not problem on many text editors and this is the only platform that is not working…

And for that to not able to login and write a simple text is weird.

Firefox 87 is about 16 months old at this point. Are there any devices in particular which are stuck on this version?


off topic a bit but some software used in a nursing home I tend to still works only on IE… so you can imagine the kind of hardware/OS I find in public schools for children with SEND … :sob:

So a 16m old Firefox… yeah, I can’t say I’m surprised, but could it be upgraded? highly probable. Drench the IT department with coffee, bury the treasurer under chocolate, and who knows…

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