Why I can't visit my forum directly from China Mainland when I reboot EC2 Instances?

This is my forum’s link. Is that because of Discourse settings’ problem? EC2 Reachability Test website show every region is able to reach directly. And I think it isn’t because of the GFW, because I can visit www.tricklehub.com directly.

That would be my guess too.

If I were to set up Discourse for people in China I’d use Alibaba.

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Which was your guess? The Fire Wall. Discourse settings’ problem or the EC2 conecting problem?

Solved, the reason is:
Because of when I reboot EC2 Instance, it will reallocation IPv4 Address automatically. Unfortunately, this time reallocated IP Address was banned by the GFW before it reallocated to .

Allocate a new Elastic IP to Instances.

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