Why is the praise category unable to be deselected?

I am deselecting categories I don’t usually interact with and I am unable to deselect the praise category, Here is proof:

I wonder why it’s unable to be deselected, is it a bug or is it intentionally done? I don’t interact with the praise category

minor note: if this should be in support then this is specifically for Discourse Meta so I put it in site feedback

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I’ve got the opposite [1]… I can’t select praise. I get a :no_entry_sign: when I hover over to check the box.

  1. @VSCPlays you are deselecting I am selecting ↩︎


That is not the opposite,

and this is what I mean in the OP

ok, Either way, you can’t select nor deselect the praise category

This is likely caused by Experimental ‘lazy_loaded_categories’ feature enabled on Meta.

If you navigate to that category, does it then show up in this list?

If you go back to latest and reload, is it no longer available in the list?

If so, please post in that topic to note the problem.


Even when I navigate to the category, I cannot select it


Ah, I misread. It’s not that you can’t find it, it’s that you can’t select/deselect it.

I’m not sure.


It functions correctly once you apply a filter to the list.


maybe because I am an admin but I have no problem finding it with the filter and selecting or deselecting. :thinking:


CC: @Moin

That is the current workaround, but I think it needs to de selectable without finding it via filter

I am not an admin by the way