How to check Topic views on mobile?

How to check the Topic Pageviews in mobile when we don’t have any replies?

The topic views can be seen below the OP in every topic:


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Yes, that’s true, the gray bar below from my screenshot doesn’t appear until the topic has a response.

Any possibilities to enable the views without responses?

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I hope there was some data query to check a particular topic views (when topic doesn’t have any replies).

Since posts can have diff views, is there some way to check individual post views also?

FYI Topic List Previews plugin can include that data in the Topic List on mobile (so you don’t even have to navigate to the Topic). It doesn’t require any additional posts than the OP.


Because this bumped…

This goes in head:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">

That’s it.

And yes, I copied it from here but because I don’t remember who gave this snippet in the beginning I can’t link to original.


This is one topic and there are others:

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This one from Don in the same topic has some extra details in: :+1: