Why Upvote/Downvote the OP?

I’m playing with this and so far really like it, especially the comment box. I like the idea of offering a variety of communication formats, from a normal topic, to q&a topic, to solved, to chat, to even the journal plugin from thepavilion.io…I do hope the journal plugin continues to be developed to be similar to the Q&A plugin, but without the voting and answer sub-section.

One thing that confused me is that it seems possible to up/downvote the first post, which I think is the question itself. I think it would make more sense if we can’t vote on the question itself, at least while within the question topic, as it can make it harder for me to know the difference between the question and answers.

The pattern was established at Stack, the votes on questions mean the “question has value” so you tend to answer questions that are voted up a bit more.

I can certainly see merit in customising per site.

Some sites may no want voting on first post, some may not want “likes + voting” only voting.

At the moment you would use a theme component for that.

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For as many times as I’ve looked stuff up on Stack Overflow, I have never noticed that :man_facepalming:t3: I just looked it up now and yes it is definitely there.

Not sure why I didn’t notice it, maybe a UI thing or maybe because I mostly don’t contribute on SO but just read the question and answers.

Anyways, thank you for the clarification!

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Closed in favour of Voting button appears on opening post