Two questions about post voting


1.Does voting on a topic post, not a reply, have any effect?

  1. Is it possible to only enable Toggle Post Voting in Create a new topic? (New Topic is disabled)

Hello :slight_smile:

There’s a discussion about this here:

This reply in particular should answer your question: Voting button appears on opening post - #6 by sam

You should first enable the New topics default to Post Voting topics in this category. in the category settings:


Then, you can use this CSS to hide the Remove Post Voting option:

.composer-actions li[data-value="togglePostVoting"] {
    display: none;
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Given how dramatically this changes the UX of a discourse topic, it does seem a little strange that the original poster has complete control over the toggle. I think it’d make way more sense if it could be top-down mandated more cleanly.

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I encourage you to open a new feature topic asking for this and explaining the reason for which it should behave as you describe. :slight_smile:
It has also been asked in other places, so having a single topic to gather opinions would be :+1:


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