Why were some users tagged in system message to Moderators

:wave: We had a message go to the Moderators inbox from the system about items that needed to be reviewed. The message subject was 1 item needs to be reviewed and the contents included:

Items were submitted over 48 hours ago. Please review them.

However, there were also 3 users @mentioned at the beginning of the content of the email. All 3 are moderators, but we have over 60 moderators in the group.

I can’t figure out why these 3 users were @mentioned and whether this is configurable.

I see where we have the following setting set:

Any thoughts on why these 3 users are being @mentioned?

I just had a look at the code that is used to create the notification. The way the moderators that are mentioned are selected is fairly readable. It’s not configurable though:

Discourse is ordering your site’s moderators based on when they were last seen on the site, then picking the first three moderators from the list.