Widget/ theme Components like Top Posters, Most read, Hot topic etc

I just tested the Fakebook theme. Do we have something known like widgets from WP.

It could be
Top post
Most read the last 24 hours
Most read all time
Top Badgets
Rising star
The biggest lover (users given most stars)

In that case you could “pimp” your theme. Its very early zero’s style - but do we have something like that…? I couldn’t find it. But thats not the same as we dont have it :slight_smile:

I’ve suggested it would be nice to have A native sidebar system with plugin outlets, but for now we have things like Custom Layouts Plugin but you need quite a bit of dev knowledge to build widgets for that.

You can also look through other #theme-component

You may be interested in Discourse Yearly Review Plugin

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Ohh I see… discourse need a bit more user friendliness for a user like me :wink:

#theme-component are straightforward to install. Have a browse of those

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