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In the past, there were two icons for wiki posts - a wiki edit icon (pencil and paper) and an edit log icon (pencil). Clicking the wiki edit icon opened the editor, clicking the edit log icon opened the edit log. Now, the edit log icon seems to have been removed entirely from wiki posts, and it clicking the wiki edit icon brings up the log, not the editor. Was this change intentional? I’ve already gotten 2 complaints from my site about this change.

Yup this was intentional. When there isn’t any edit history, the wiki icon will bring up the editor. Once an edit has been made, the wiki icon brings up the edit log.


What was the rational behind the change? It’s really confused my users - we had to unhide the edit icon.


The “wiki icon + the edit icon” pattern added one more glyph for users to puzzle about. Perhaps you can find out why they feel strongly about using the wiki button to edit the post instead of just using the normal edit button?

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The issue wasn’t that they felt “strongly about using the wiki button” more that it was a subtle and unexpected change. For the purposes of my site, editing your own post is rare, but 90%+ of topics are wiki (internal knowledgebase) so that’s what everyone was used to. When we did training on Discourse that’s how we taught people to work.


I was thinking about this, and I suggest we add an “edit” button to the edit history dialog to allow for this case. Maybe only visible on the latest revision. Can you take that @tgxworld


PR in


Ok this has been merged. I’ll give it a couple of days for people to test it out before closing this.


I think the Edit Wiki button is OK at the bottom but it is awfully buried there way way down at the bottom, too. I suggest duplicating the Edit Wiki button here at the top too.

Also I suggest Edit Wiki instead of Edit wiki

(In a related change, I decided to de-emphasize the switch view buttons on the right with CSS, as they were fighting with all the other buttons on that dialog for attention.)


I say this is definitively fixed now :wink: thanks @tgxworld