Wiki Post and the method of storage in the database

Hi. Where can I get acquainted, how information is stored in the Wiki post?

For example, I am interested in this question. There is a Wiki post:

We see 14 changes over time.


Each time a change is made, a separate copy is created in the database and then compared to the output. In our case we have 14 copies of the post (with different changes), or is the information stored in some other way?

Similarly, there is a question about displaying answer edits (not in the grace period).

There as the same are created a complete copy of the posts, or as something else. The question itself is about the size of the base. (In this case, we have a size in the database 14 times more than the original post?)

Post revisions are stored in the post_revisions table :wink:

Don’t worry about space. It’s just text. Most images are 100X larger than any (realistic) amount of revisions a post could get.