Will it be a problem to add a new SSD as storage?

When I launched the server I only had 25gb ssd.
And now I wanted to upgrade it. But my hosting provider said there’s a big risk of corrupt server.

So my question is that will it be any problem with Discourse when adding a new SSD?

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Who is your hosting provider? Companies such as DigitalOcean can resize SSD with zero risk.

I would recommend downloading the latest backup and your app.yml beforehand.

Moving your server isn’t a huge undertaking either, particularly if you have both of the files mentioned above. Maybe this would be a good time to consider moving to a provider who can handle such upgrades without the risk of more significant downtime?


That sounds ominous. I would be inclined to change hosting companies, but moving to a new server (at that company or any other) rather than resizing the existing one may be the easiest way forward.


Sorry for late responds
Thanks! I will do that, so annoying Webhuset.no!!
Changing hosting at the end of this month. Thanks guys.

If anyone know any good hosting in the Nordics(Norway) let me know.:call_me_hand: