Will people from my forum lost access to it if I cancel my hosting?

Hi guys!

I might have to cancel my disocurse subscription, and would like to know if i do it will people from my forum lose access to it if i do so.

I appreciate you help!

If your site is hosted by us, get in touch with our support team for details about what happens when you cancel your subscription. You can contact our support team through the email address that is given on your site’s admin dashboard.

When you cancel your subscription, your site will be taken offline, so your users will lose access to it. What you can do is cancel your subscription and create a complete backup file that contains all of your site’s data (including its users.) This backup file can be restored to a self-hosted Discourse instance, or to a Discourse instance that’s setup through another Discourse hosting provider. When the backup file is restored on the new site, your users will regain access to the forum.


If you are canceling your community because you can’t afford the world’s best hosting, you can self host or have me install it or or use another hosting service (that I have never heard a bad word about).