Will the translation go away with updates?

Hey guys! :smiley:

Soo. Am feeling a bit. Lazy today.
and figured if i only translate exectly what i need within the admin/customized/text I don’t need to translate everything on the Crowdin Translator page.

But, will this ever for some reason be resetted?

And one more question: Is there a way i can only translate frontend Text in the Crowdin?( Then i would )

Thanks for your time! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @jo-andre :slight_smile:

Are you asking whether or not local translations will be overwritten at any point during a later site update?

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Ever is long time, but no. I’m doing that all the time.

But if we are strict, customizing and translating are different things, but in real life thing are much… simplier :wink:

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply’s :heart_eyes: I

@michaelhenderson yeah correct :blush:

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