Wishlist: Staff-only Yearly Review

We have a community of product which we run, yes, to help users but primarily to get feedback. That requires our devs to interact in the community to flesh out and act on the feedback. Thus, we expect and actively encourage staff to interact in the community.

One of the things we do to foster this engagement is post internally a weekly staff-leaderboard roundup, E.G.

And while it’s great that we can exclude staff from the year-in-review that will be published to the community, it would be nice if we could generate a second, staff-only review.


Something similar was suggested in the plugin topic recently.


Yeah. We would need one setting more: include groups. Or exclude because we can exclude staff already — and I could bet (very little, though) that setting is just an interface for hard coded group limiter :smirk:

After that it isn’t that big thing if there is not any automation, because doing it manually is just 30 second job (of course we all hates manual labour on holidays, but still).

I think the right thing is to allow multiple yearly review topics.

Maybe all the custom belongs in discourse-automation that way we could set a filter of allowed and denied groups and custom targets per report.

So you would create a new automation rule, plus this would allow custom timeframes as well … monthly … quarterly … etc…

Yeah… about that.

Our review generated overnight and I came in to find that it’s mostly employees. Not staff because apparently staff is only moderators(?), and we’re stingy with mod rights.

This… is not useful. :frowning:

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I ran into the same thing :frowning: It meant I had to do some editing, and I likely had less editing to do than you might have, but we try to keep mod rights stingy as well - with access to PII, we want to control who has that more and it is the priority. Hope you were able to work it all out and either post or edit to make it fit for your community.

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