Membership in the `staff` group

I just learned, via our “Exclude Staff member from member stats” yearly roundup, that not all of our staff are in the staff group.

“Okay, no biggie”, I thought. “I’ll just update the group to pick up everyone with a company address.”

Except… that’s not available.

For other groups, I have a “Membership” tab under “Manage”

But not this one

I’d like to better understand this special group, but my searches here aren’t turning up much that’s helpful. Or is this really all there is to know about it?

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The @staff group is one of the automatic ones so people can’t be added to it manually like the other groups. It’s essentially the @admins and @moderators in one combined place (‘site staff’ rather than company employees).

So Dax’s post you linked is pretty much the long and short of it:


Maybe you want to create a Sonarsources_staff group and add everyone to that group and then add flair?


We’ve already got that (see screenshot above). But I can’t exclude that group from the yearly review.


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