With a server with 30GB of RAM How many users can I handle simultaneously

What is the average RAM consumed by a regular process ?

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I don’t know much about that kind of scale, but I’d bet your storage will be a bottleneck before even 16GB ram was used up.

Tell us more about the setup?

It’s a VPS with 2Tb of space storage. CPU is Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz, 6 cores

The thing is, I’m reviving an old forum who got crushed because of Facebook. It had 25K users (planning to send them a beautiful Email to get back)

Average visits per day was around 6K unique visits. It used a personal forum script that I wrote from scratch and was using around 24MB / process. I was new to development so it was not well optimized.

There were times when I was pulling my hair because of performance. So it’s still of big worry for me.

Discourse sounds like a perfect replacement for the old fashioned forum I had.

At that scale your server will be ample and over provisioned. A 4GB instance at Digital Ocean would probably be enough.

There are tons of metrics that define load, it is very hard to estimate:

  • Number of concurrent sessions
  • Total number of posts in forum
  • Anon vs Logged in breakdown (anon is WAY cheaper)
  • Number of uniquely secured categories

And so on…


Good news for me ! :smiley:

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