WordPress comments are showing

I have the option “Do not load the WordPress comments template for posts that are not Published to Discourse.” checked, but in the last few days, the posts that don’t have a post on the Discourse are showing the WordPress comments.

I’ve tried to uncheck and check it again but It didn’t worked.

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Thanks for reporting that! I’ll get it fixed within the next couple of hours and let you know when that’s been done.


Thank you so much! I’ll wait then :stuck_out_tongue:

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WP Discourse version 2.1.1 has been pushed to WordPress. It fixes the issue with the “Remove WordPress Comments Template” setting not being respected.

The logic that setting uses is that if it is enabled and a post has not been published to Discourse, the WordPress comment template will not be loaded. If the setting is enabled, and the “Show Existing WP Comments” setting is enabled, and the post has existing WordPress comments, the WordPress comments template will be loaded. This behaviour matches the setting’s description, but possibly it should be simplified so that if the “Remove WordPress Comments Template” setting is enabled, the WordPress comments template is never loaded.


Thank you so much! I already updated here and It is working perfectly!


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