Wordpress Notification when you get Discourse Notification

I am currently trying to integrate Discourse within my existing Wordpress-Installation and so far it is working well (love the WP-Discourse Plugin and SSO btw.).

But right now I’m in a bit of a standstill…

I am using the Wordpress Plugin “Ultimate Member” for handling Social/Community-Interaction and Features on my Wordpress-Site.
However the forum is entirely realised through Discourse and I refuse to “Downgrade” on bbpress.
Nontheless I need to notify my users within Wordpress if something happens on their Discourse.

Ideally I want every notification that is send through discourse (New answer, badge etc.) to also pop-up in the Wordpress frontend.
I figured that I may have a chance using webhooks but I am lacking the best way of approchaing this in detail tbh.

Maybe some of you guys already have some experience in integrating Ultimate Member and/or Buddypress and are willing to help?

Would greatly appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think this is the best approach. I’ve been playing around with the idea today. It can be made to work for any events that Discourse sends a webhook for.

The WP Discourse plugin is setup to handle webhook events, but it doesn’t currently have an action that can be hooked into to let other plugins use this functionality. I will add an action hook for that this week.


Cool! Looking forward to play around with it :slight_smile: :+1:

Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Hi Simon did you progress any with adding this in?

Do we have webhook action hooks now in plugin?