Wordpress plugin not redirect to discourse login automatically


I use wordpress multisite and installed discourse plugin to use discourse sso like provider for wp. But it does not like wp single site. When I go to wp-admin to login, it just show wordpress login page, and not redirect to discourse login automatically.

Do you have any experience with sso for wordpress multisite?

what happens when you go to < yoursite >/wp-login.php

It’s the same.
That is wp login page, it can not redirect to discourse login.

Is the plug-in “network activated” ?

I do not understand your question, but this is my settings in network:

I want to do the same thing.
I cannot confirm this is what you need to do, but I think you need to check these boxes after logging into your Discourse instance as admin and going to Settings->Login.

The first box looks like it would allow someone to sign on to your Discourse by authenticating through another site. This is not what you want.

The second two boxes are I think what we want.

Maybe someone who knows can verify or correct this advice.

Hey guys, using Wordpress as a DiscourseConnect Client of a Discourse Provider is not supported. Please see

Specifically Multisite Support

The WP Discourse plugin works with WordPress multisite setups for everything except using WordPress as an DiscourseConnect Client for your Discourse site.