Wordpress SSO AND Patreon Login

Hi again! I had a question. A client of mine wants to gradually move his membership from Patreon to Wordpress (via Woocommerce Memberships). I know this is possible based on other forum posts.

However, my question is, if we enable SSO with Wordpress as the provider, is wordpress the ONLY way to sign into the forums? Would enabling SSO with Wordpress no longer allow Patreon users to sign in via their Patreon accounts? Or, is it possible to have both running together?

Sorry if this is confusing or the wrong place to be asking this.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, the first S in SSO is Single. Wordpress becomes authoritative for all authentication.

That said, if Patreon is providing user email addresses the users can register on Wordpress to get back into their accounts providing the use the same address.


You could also allow users to login to your WordPress site via Patreon with Patreon WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org. I have not tested this, but it should be possible to allow users to login to WordPress via Patreon while still having SSO login between WordPress and Discourse. If you try that and have any problems getting it to work, please let us know.