Wordpress Ultimate User + Discourse Synch

i have a working Discourse Install with Users and i would like to use Wordpress with Ultimate User. How i set the Wordpress SSO? Client or Provider? I need a Webhook to synch Users?

You should use WP Discourse plugin.

yes, but it not works. I can´t connect with the Wordpress login into Discourse and i don´t see a new user.

As I know it won’t sync users. Instead if a user try to login in Discourse then he will be redirected to WordPress. Once he successfully loggedin there then he will redirect back to Discourse as logged-in user. And new user account will be created in Discourse if required.


You should be able to use the WP Discourse plugin for this. Are your users now on Discourse, or WordPress, or both?

The Users are registrated on Discourse.

It would make sense to use WordPress as the SSO client. Are you able to get this working? Users will have to login to WordPress through Discourse before they will be created.

Wordpress as Provider works but i don´t can´t login with my Discourse Admin Account.

OK, First i make Discourse as Provider - all users must be logged in Wordpress and than i make Wordpress to Provider?

Sorry for my bad english. . :smile:

It depends. You can either have all user logins handled by WordPress (WordPress as the SSO Provider), or have users login to either Discourse or WordPress separately, but give them the option to login to WordPress through Discourse (WordPress as the SSO client.)

If you want to have all logins through WordPress then use WordPress as the SSO provider. User’s who already have accounts on Discourse will be matched by their email address.

Do you have the same email address for both? If not, you will have to change your Discourse email address to match your WordPress email address.

It would be possible to write a script to import existing Discourse users to WordPress automatically.