Wp-discourse force login to WordPress

I’ve got a site that’s using WooCommerce Memberships and has Discourse as the SSO master.

For reasons that I don’t understand, wc_memberships_user_membership_status_changed doesn’t fire when a new user membership is added (some how that’s not a change?).

So I’ve added a hook on wp_login. The only bummer is that when someone subscribes, they need to log out/in to WordPress to get added to the Discourse group.

Would it work to add a webhook in Discourse that fires on user event that could solve this?

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The easiest solution might be to find out if there is an action hook that is fired when a membership is added. wc_memberships_user_membership_saved might work.


Yeah, that was my idea! As it turns out, what wc_memberships_user_membership_saved actually does, doesn’t match the documentation. At all. It passes two parameters rather than the three documented (which are still different from the status_changed hook), and neither of them is what is documented there. (I can’t remember now what actually got passed, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the user or the membership ID out of it.)

I spent what seemed like a week on this yesterday before settling on making people log out/in to WordPress to make it work.

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