Wrong Error Message for too short replies for Reply-by-Email

When sending a too short reply such as “testing reply by e-mail”, I am getting an e-mail back:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“discoursereplies+redacted.org”] (titled Re: forum thread title didn’t work.

Do you use more than one email address? Did you reply from a different email address? Email replies require that you use the same email address when replying. Alternately, the Message-ID header in the email may have been modified.

But longer multiple line, multiple sentences reply goes through.

The error message is therefore wrong.

Could you please provide a better error message in this case?

Can minimum message length be configured? Is there a different setting for replies in forums versus by e-mail?

Similar to Confused by Error Message From Reply-by-Email but a different issue.

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Hmm, can we repro this @tshenry ?

I am not immediately able to repro.

I tested with https://try.discourse.org which has its min post length site setting set to the default of 20.

I created a new topic with User A, then replied to it with User B. User A received an email and I sent a one word “Test” reply via email:

I received an email right after with an appropriate message:

@adrelanos are you able to provide any additional reproduction steps? Is it possible that the message you received was valid somehow? Can you also confirm you are on the latest version of Discourse?

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Stable branch. 2.6.6 (Not tests completed branch.) Does that make the diference?

I can’t say for sure that it will make a difference, but there’s always a chance that there was a bug in stable that was fixed and didn’t get back ported. If you are able, I would suggest updating to the latest beta at the very least and trying again.

Outside of that, there are these questions:

Since I am unable to reproduce the issue when running through a normal scenario, I’ll need a little more to go on.

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