WSL environment deadlocks

Using this guide I have setup with latest Ubuntu on WSL.
This setup work perfectly for my PHP or Javascript projects. But not with Discourse. I have 2 big problems with it:

  1. Discourse on WSL very slow. It takes 4-6 seconds to load a page. The processor i7 8750h loaded for 100% when processing requests.
  2. WSL DEADLOCKS every 10-30 minutes while work Discourse. Only restarting the computer is able to get out of the hang.

I’m using puma, ruby 2.4.5, latest discourse build.

What I try:

  • reinstall WSL distro
  • ln -s tmp folder outside shared folder
  • bundle exec puma --worker 1
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WSL is trouble and ultimately a dead end for Microsoft, I recommend you install WSL2 which works fine and is only 5-20% slower than dual booting