Yearly Review 'Featured Badge' description ambiguous

Great plugin, very easy to use!

Just one comment and a question.

The “Featured Badge” is a bit vague

My initial understanding after reading this was that this badge would be awarded if you were featured in the Yearly Review. But in actuality it lists users who received that badge in the review. Maybe this could be clarified in the plugin settings.

Either way I ended up creating a badge and bulk awarding it to the featured users anyway :slightly_smiling_face:



After reading through the settings, we created a badge to be awarded by the Yearly Review and I was assigned to get details on whether the badge would be awarded multiple times if you were mentioned in multiple posts (i.e. categories) in the thread.

I would like a lot more detail on this. Specifically:

  • can we list multiple badges?
  • does this get its own post?
  • there’s a limit of 15 users. Is the list weighted by badge count?
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