You have not completed all user fields UX on signup should be improved

Guess what I did not fill?

That’s right … good guess:


  1. We should at least scroll it so the field that is not filled in is on the screen

  2. We should possibly make error message more specific: "You have not completed the Sector field".


We should stop doing this:

Button should not be disabled ever, just pop an error that teaches users why they can not create an account.


I mean, maybe – but if you have that many required fields you are shooting yourself in the foot so hard that the floor underneath you may collapse at any time.

Easiest fix for the moment is to be literal in the error about which field of the 62 required was not filled out.

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4 required fields is A LOT, but not a super catastrophe imo, the fold when signing in via GitHub is just in a super unfortunate spot.


@vinothkannans can you fix the error message here.

Please supply a value for “XYZ”


Please supply a value for “Sector”.

We can just pick the first missing required field.


That would certainly have helped the problem we had trying to sign up a load in a short space of time with way too many user fields. Thanks for addressing it.

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The correct error message is now added in the below open PR

P.S. merged