Your experience with Communiteq? (Downtime issues)

Hello everyone, I would like to hear from all of you using Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting), on your experience with:

  • Uptime/Downtime

I have only been a paying member for 1 month, and I already clocked 2 downtime periods. And that’s from me manually checking, there might have been more when I was not being online. Is downtime this common with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)?

EDIT: Apparently all support emails ended up in spam on Gmail, so I would like update and say that support has been exemplary, particularly on the recent big outage issue. Very good handling of support by Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) team.



I think it would be better to contact him directly to resolve the issues before publicly posting here.

I have used them and I had no issue that required email support. I never saw downtime but if uptime is important then I would monitor it - there are many options to do this.


We replied to your support request on July 28, 17:12 CEST, this was 29 minutes after we received it.

At this moment one of our data center providers is experiencing a quite large network outage. This is absolutely not common. We have a 99.9 % uptime promise on our all plans and if we do not make that, you get your monthly fee back.

This is the first time your forum was not available, we monitor it closely and there was no other outage.


For the record support had been uncommonly good. Perhaps check your spam folder?


I am a new user of Discourse Hosting and have been more than satisfied with the support. I used their on-line form with followup emails and have always received very prompt and capable support, even for my sometimes odd and edge-condition questions.

I had not noticed any downtime in our 2-3 months on the system until the one currently underway. I came here this morning to see if there was news and found it. Thanks, @RGJ!

Certainly it is a pain to have a major provider failure, but it is hard to know what could be done to prevent that. Our site provider once had a fire department server room audit inadvertently set off the fire suppression system… sometimes there are things one simply can’t foresee. Still, I hope it’s up soon…


Thank you Richard, I am glad to hear that. And I was very satisfied with the support email reply I got on this issue.

I highly value open and transparent support as well. I edited my post to reflect my satisfaction for your support.

Your satisfied customer,
Mikael Baggström


I see this post has been updated, but I just want to add that in my experience @RGJ is absolutely amazing and his company is a tremendous gift to the Discourse ecosystem.