Zendesk Integrations

(Jack) #1

Trying to connect Zendesk with Discourse to allow SSO – is this possible?

Alternatively, curious if anyone has feedback on the pros/cons of the Discourse Community versus the Zendesk Community?

(Republic Wireless) #2

We use SAML with Zendesk and Discourse.

The Discourse forum has a lot more moderation capabilities than the Zendesk forum. Also, Zendesk has no indication of who is talking to whom, no trust levels, points or any other incentives to post. Zendesk. Zendesk has a long way to go to have a strong participant focused forum.

(Jack) #3

Out of curiosity, is this your community? https://community.republicwireless.com/

(Jack) #4

Correction, looks like this is your new community :slight_smile: https://forums.republicwireless.com/

(Republic Wireless) #5

It is our old community on Jive we just switched to forums.republicwireless.com on discourse.

(Jack) #6

Are you using Zendesk for your knowledge base? Or only support tickets?

(Republic Wireless) #7

Right now just tickets but in a few weeks we will start using it for kb. It is all in Jive right now.


Hey @Sean_R! Newbie here. :wave:t4: My company is currently using Zendesk for both KB and Community, but Zendesk just announced that they are not working on any new features at all in 2018. So I’m in the process of researching alternative platforms and stumble up Discourse. This platform is pretty awesome and I am highly considering the switch.

I’ve been digging into the Discourse Community for any Zendesk integration resource I can find, but I figured I should also just ask you directly. Could you possibly share your experience migrating your Community from Zendesk to Discourse?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

p.s. If there is a Zendesk to Discourse migration guide in here that I overlooked, please point me in the right direction.

(Republic Wireless) #9

While we have used Zendesk for ticketing for a long time, we never used it for Forum/Community or KB. We split over from Jive moving our Forum here and our KB to Zendesk. So I am only familiar with migrating from Jive. I will say that the Discourse team is very adept at migrating from almost any API and knowing the Zendesk API as well as I do, it should not be hard.

Having explored the Zendesk Community capabilities, Discourse is a major improvement.

I have been putting together requirements for a full Zendesk Discourse integration but that will take time.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #10

Could you please elaborate on that? Is there a link you could share?


@erlend_sh - first comment under this


Looks like @mikechristopher beat me to it! :slightly_smiling_face: