Discourse Zendesk

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Zendesk creates Zendesk tickets from Discourse topics.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link http://github.com/discourse/discourse-zendesk-plugin
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


Create Zendesk tickets

This plugin allows you to create Zendesk tickets from Discourse topics. This can be done either by configuring the plugin so that all topics in a category automatically generate Zendesk tickets, or by pushing individual topics to Zendesk by clicking the “Create Zendesk Ticket” button that’s displayed for site staff below each topic:

When the ticket is created, the author of the topic’s first post will be set as the Requester on Zendesk. They will also be added to your Zendesk customers list.

After the ticket has been created, the “Create Zendesk Ticket” button will be updated to “View on Zendesk.” Clicking that button will take you to the associated Zendesk ticket:

Push replies created on Discourse to Zendesk

The plugin allows you to optionally push all replies to the Discourse topic to the Zendesk ticket, or to only push replies created by the topic’s author. Both of these features are configurable via the plugin’s settings.

Sync Zendesk comments with Discourse

Zendesk comment can be synced with the Discourse topic that the ticket originated on.


The Discourse Zendesk settings can be accessed from the Plugins page of your Discourse site’s Admin section. Click the “Settings” button for the “discourse-zendesk-plugin” entry on that page to access the settings.

  • zendesk url : enter the URL of your Zendesk account, followed by api/v2 . For example, https://example.zendesk.com/api/v2

  • zendesk enabled : used to enable and disable the plugin.

  • zendesk jobs api token : details for generating the API token on Zendesk are here: Generating a new API token – Zendesk help. Copy that token to this Discourse setting.

  • zendesk jobs email : the email address of a staff user on your Zendesk account that also has an admin account on your Discourse site.

  • zendesk autogenerate all categories (formerly zendesk enable all categories) : if enabled, all topics on your Discourse site will automatically generate Zendesk tickets. This setting is disabled by default.

  • zendesk autogenerate categories (formerly zendesk enabled categories) : a list of Discourse categories that will have all new topics automatically pushed to Zendesk.

  • zendesk job push all posts and zendesk job push only author posts : both of these settings are disabled by default. Enable one of them if you want to push either all replies, or only the topic author’s replies to Zendesk.

  • sync comments from zendesk and zendesk incoming webhook token : these two settings are used to sync comments from Zendesk to Discourse. Details about how to configure syncing Zendesk comments to Discourse are here: How to enable Zendesk two-way sync

  • zendesk tags : an optional list of tags to append to all Zendesk tickets that originate on your Discourse site.