Zendesk Question - Mark as solved?

I see that there are plugins for creating Zendesk tickets from a Discourse post, but is there anything that can help facilitate the automatic closing of a ticket if a user finds the answer in our Discourse forums? Either somehow from the SSO, or if they provide a ticket number in their inquiry? I suspect the last one could create more problems if someone enters the wrong number (and there is no check against the SSO email), but wanted to ask anyway. It’s easy for me to lookup someone’s email address and see if there is a ticket I can close out, but that doesn’t do much when others in the community are helping resolve issues for people.

If the identity can be somehow glued together it is technically feasible, the big question I have is how common is this problem and is it big enough to warrant a fair amount of engineering time.

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It’s hard to say. More or less planning for a future when external mods are resolving the overwhelming majority of user issues.


I would say one very powerful type of integration here would be “show all open tickets” when you expand the avatar.


Or even have it further up on every user. (visible to mods only)

I would not bank on self-service that much though.


As it is we are already having a hard time getting people to mark their issue resolved so probably wishful thinking