Zendesk plugin and Solved topics

We’re using the Zendesk plugin to help manage staff responses on forum topics. But when a topic is marked as Solved in the forum, it doesn’t update Zendesk so we can resolve the associated ticket. What I’d like to know is, is there any metadata on topics when a solution is chosen? And is there any kind of trigger we can send to Zendesk, to update the associated ticket?

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I can see how it could be useful to have some indication on Zendesk that a topic has been marked as solved on Discourse. Ideally, what would you want to happen when a topic is marked as solved on Discourse? Should the Zendesk ticked be closed? An alternative to that might be to add a tag to the Zendesk ticket when a topic is marked as solved on Discourse.

A TopicCustomField is created with it’s name set to "accepted_answer_post_id".

A Solved Event webhook can be configured to send a POST request with details about the solution. I’m not sure if Zendesk can be configured to handle incoming POST requests. Do you know if that’s possible?

Hi Simon,

Ideally, I’d like the corresponding ticket in Zendesk to be marked as Solved, with a tag indicating the forum post that was the solution.

Ah ha, that’s very useful! If worse comes to worst I can set up a Vercel app to poll Discourse for posts with that tag, then update Zendesk. It wouldn’t be ideal since it would have to run as a cron essentially but it would be better than having to do it manually.

Yes, the Zendesk API is quite rich, and can handle a number of different requests. The webhook would have to be able to send a PUT since that’s what Zendesk would be expecting for updating a ticket, but other than that it should be trivial. See their API docs for more details.

It looks like the Discourse API only does POSTs on its webhooks. I’ll have to play around with this, maybe I’ll still need that Vercel setup but instead have it accept a POST which then triggers a PUT to Zendesk. Hopefully there’s a cleaner solution than that.

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