1.4.3 Upgrade Oddity?

We’re on stable 1.4.2 and I saw in /Admin a notification that an upgrade was available.

On the web update page, the discourse_manager was the only thing enabled to be upgraded, with other updates shown for other packages/plugins but their buttons not enabled.

I upgraded but after it finished when returning to the the /Admin page and going back to select further updates (to update Discourse main, plugins etc) I get the following:

It’s no problem for me to go in and do that via SSH, but I just wanted to ping incase this wasn’t normal for a stable small point release?

EDIT: I upgraded fine doing the above git pull etc, so really it’s just a question of if it needed to do this or not, i.e. not upgrade via the web admin?

Did you try to click on the link and read the first 2 sentences?

Note to self: Don’t post here anymore.

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We upgraded the base image because one of the library we use for optimizing PNGs was not available anymore


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