\\\1 In Code Block Fails


(Scott Hoover) #1

I cannot seem to get \\ 1 to render without a space or some other character between “\” and “1”.

Adding three or four slashes doesn’t seem to do the trick.
Using indentation to create a block doesn’t seem to do the trick.
The issue exists irrespective of block or inline code, syntax highlighting or not.

Escape sequence for \\\1?
(Tomas Ibarra) #2

I will try to fix this, the bug is with the highlight engine, let me check.

(Tomas Ibarra) #3

I tried to fix the bug, i thought it was a problem with the highlighting, but is a markdown bug, as @sam says, they will use a new engine for Discourse, you will have to wait till then.

(Scott Hoover) #4

I’ll wait. Thanks for trying!

(Sam Saffron) #5

This now works: \\1



(Sam Saffron) closed #6