2.5.0 -> 2.5.1 upgrade


I inherited a Discourse install that I am trying to just keep running. I got an email recently saying that I should upgrade to 2.5.1. There was a link advertising an easy one-click upgrade, but when I translate that link to my sandbox site it says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." (I am logged in as admin and can see the admin dashboard). When I clicked on the link for the release notes it took me to the release notes for the 2.6.0 beta, not the 2.5.1 release. Are these the same?

The admin dashboard says this is a critical update, but doesn’t provide information for how to update it. I’m concerned that my installation might be misconfigured or something. Is there some other mechanism for initiating the upgrade, or something I should fix with my installation so that the ‘admin/upgrade’ path will take me to a page where I can initiate the upgrade?



By sandbox do you mean developer install? Or is it installed from a third-party package?

I’m sorry. I was completely unclear. I have an instance of the site running in a VM on my local machine which is called “sandbox”. I don’t think it’s relevant – I get the same message in production as well.

Thanks for looking into it

Ok but how was the sandbox installed?

If your live site doesn’t include the /admin/upgrade path do you have ssh access to the machine?

Also, it’s a developer install. We’re provisioning it via Ansible and connecting to it through the Rails gem. It’s deployed into a Docker container and served via Nginx.

Hope that’s helpful

Ok, so you wouldn’t expect /admin/upgrade to be present in that build. If the live environment is similar then you’re going to have to consult whoever deployed that installation.

The only installation we can assist you with here is the standard install.

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In case it’s somehow not clear from the name, you don’t want to run a developer install for production.