Page not found error with admin/upgrade

I’m getting a page not found error when i try to access /admin/upgrade

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Any ideas why? Thanks

Are you logged in as administrator?

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Yes. I’m logged in as administrator.
I received an email to upgrade to the latest version 1.8.0.beta11. I’m currently on v1.7.4-dirty

You can try going to the site and then clicking on the admin page and following the upgrade link there.

Can’t see an upgrade link on the Admin page for v1.7.4
Besides, wouldn’t it just go to /admin/upgrade ?

Did you follow the recommended Docker-based install guide?

The dirty looks very suspicious :thinking:

I installed my Discource instance through Bitnami, and it’s hosted on a Google Cloud Platform VM.
I’ve tried several times to upgrade using the Bitnami instructions here;
Without any success!

In that case, I highly recommend that you…

  1. take a backup,
  2. follow the official guide to set up a new and up-to-date installation and
  3. restore the backup there.

We cannot support Bitnami installs here, and updating these simply seems to be broken, judging from the support requests arriving here :frowning:

The Docker-based installation can usually be upgraded with a few clicks in the web interface, and if things don’t work out, we’re here to help :slight_smile: