200 unique visitors / day - requirements

Hi !

I have one small question: how many ram need for aprox. 200/250 visitors / day ?

I need concret answers.

Thanks !

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That’s probably not enough info. How many page views? Spread evenly all day or all hitting at once?

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Aprox. 5-6000 page views.
Spread evenly all day, not at once.

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On one of my forums, the 2GB VPS copes with up to 15,000 page views a day if you include crawlers (but has much lower unique visitor count ~ 40)

I would try that, monitor and scale up as required.


There is no

Because the needs change a lot depending on how the users behave, if you have the 200 visits at the same time, it will be rough.

If it’s 5-6k visits per day, evenly spreaded with a 1GB VPS you will be fine, if you want to be sure go for a 2GB one.