A feature request related to this plugin. Pointed questions or rewarded questions

A feature request related to this plugin. Pointed questions or rewarded questions.


A field where point value can be entered while asking a new question, and when the question is marked as solved, the transfer of this score to the user who solved it.

  • Checking whether the point value entered while opening or updating the topic is sufficient. If the user’s score is insufficient, that is, if his/her balance is low (points), he/she should be asked to correct it by giving a warning and should not be able to open the issue, until he/she corrects it.

  • If the score is insufficient, you can be invited to purchase a subscription or one-time product created with the plugin here. (Adding points by purchasing a product is a matter of another time, it can be done simply with a webhook in the future, or a webhook can be used for administration, until it is developed)

  • It can be activated or canceled with a simple button in the form field where the question is asked.

These can also be added if improved:

  • users can transfer points to each other, with a simple button and modal window.
  • Buttons that write the amount of points determined by the user in the form of donate in their profile can be created, it is good for quick point donation, but there must be space to enter a special amount.
  • Quick points can be donated to questions asked, topics or answers made on the site. It’s a good idea, I think, in this way we can reward liked and appreciated answers.
  • Point donations received or made can be listed in a relevant section of the user profile. It can be listed in points earned from topics or answers in this field.
  • By adding a feature to the subscription plugin here, it can be added that points can be purchased with a single payment. Or it can be on a monthly subscription so the payment is renewed every month and the points are automatically added to the account.

That’s all I can think of for now, if you have better ideas you can edit this thread, I’ll make a wiki. (Ups I can’t do it, I thought it was my own site, I guess.)

If you like it, thank you very much in advance to the wonderful people who will donate money to the friend who will develop the plugin or support him. (I’m a little poor right now, otherwise I would be the first to support this plugin)