A more intuitive way to create sub-categories?

This thought has struck me a few times while creating a site’s category structure. I always create the top-level category, enter it and then my brain looks for the new category button inside this top level category to create sub-categories. Ideally, clicking this + New Subcategory button would pre-load the parent category in our modal:


If we consider implementing this, we’d have to find space in the already crowded right-side of the category page:

Maybe we could fold the option in a way similar to the menu on the Categories page?

But before any talk of implementation, I was wondering if anyone else has thought about this? There is a chance that the work required here might not be worth the effort because it is a small change and the current method to create every category from the Categories page is adequate.


This is such a low-frequency task that I’m not sure it’s worth it, tbh. From what I remember it wasn’t too hard (but that was 2 years ago).


This would also kinda encourage people to create sub-categories in the first place. We would prefer people kept their category structures as simple as possible.


Yes, I now see why it’s not worth it. Thanks Bart and Jeff!