Issues while creating a new subcategory

Being the first time I create a subcategory, I found some quirks while doing so:


I have set the default view to be Latest instead of Category.
While in Latest view, there are no hamburger menu where you access New Category. There are only a button for creating a new topic.


While having the Create Category window open, Parent Category select shows also subcategories.
But if you try to use a subcategory as the parent, you will have an error You can’t nest a subcategory under another. So why are these displayed in the list?


When switching to Category view, then navigating to the main category I’d like to create a subcategory in. There is no hamburger menu for this, I first have to go to the main categories overview

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Hi Johnny,

This is a deliberate choice, to create categories you must be on the /categories page.

We will look into this

The only place where you can create new categories and subcategories as I said is the /categories page. Personally I would like to see the hamburger menu also on a specific category if the latter has no subcategories or is a parent category of other subcategories. I don’t remember that there have been other requests in this sense from other users, however certainly more than a bug is a feature request.