A picker for font awesome icons

We introduced font awesome 5 more than a year ago and have developed quite a few features that allow users to select font awesome icons.

The group flair

The badge admin screen

Theme components

Such as: Tag icons component

Site settings

As it stands picking a an icon is really tricky.

You need to head to https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&m=free (free is critical cause we only ship with those) and then search for the right icon. Then you need to know when to add fab or far or nothing.

It can be quite confusing for a Discourse admin.

We are also looking at adding font awesome icon pickers at other places such as: Add a "curated personal learning" page for users which @markvanlan and @eviltrout are working on.

It would be nice to have a picker like the emoji picker here that is reusable in the all the spots we use now use for font awesome icons and extends to other spots where font awesome can be used in future.


Wouldn’t this add a huge dependency of shipping ALL font awesome icons?


We already ship all the icons, we would just use the giant bundle when you open the picker, everything else would use the exact same optimization we use today. We already allow for dynamic minimal bundle regeneration at runtime


@joffreyjaffeux has been doing some work on the icon picker after his changes to select-kit 2.

If I am correct that you’re still in development Joffrey, these places would be great places to test it out!


Yes. I explained in my PR post that I was only targeting one screen for now as we get all the details right. Other components will follow, this one was the easiest probably.


We have this now :slight_smile: