A way to request an edit on other post

Hello this is my first time posting so sorry if I missed something.

I would like to request a feature that allows users to request edits on a post. Stack Overflow has this feature, but the request is forwarded to moderators so they can either accept or deny the edit.

Often times posts aren’t formatted correctly and it would be good if the community could edit the post, but without changing the original meaning of the content.

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You can flag a post. Click the dots under the post and there is a flag icon.

Oh, but you want to make the edits and ask for their approval?


That doesn’t work because not formatting correctly isn’t a violation of community guidelines. I’ll show an example: we have a category called scripting support which people post their scripts asking for help, and some people don’t know how to format in a code block, so they just dump code without formatting. Even with an explanation in a DM sometimes they won’t get it right. And that’s what the stack overflow edit feature is for; correcting minor mistakes like grammar, etc

Also it could be with the OP’s approval or with a TL4’s

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But it should be, because it certainly is on Stack Overflow! I know because I was one of the founders.

Flag it.

Or promote a number of trusted folks to TL4 and they can edit all posts.