Manage a topic with many solutions?

Hi all

What your way to manage when a discussion have many solutions ?

Thks in advance

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Can you give some more details about the discussions you are trying to manage?


Create a summary post (to mark as solution) or update the topic manually. :sunglasses:


For something having multiple solutions, you could create a new post and list (quote) each solution. Every solution would be together instead of spread out over a lot of posts.
Edit: Oops! I just realized this is the same thing that @maiki posted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all

Thks for your suggestions
Thats an idea we have thought about but
so modos must spent more time to edit and copy
modos have the “bonus” to have given the solution…whitch is wrong

Cant devs update the relation between thread post and solutions to a “1 to n” ?

I can’t imagine your use case. Nothing I interact with produces so many solutions as to be an additional problem.

I use marking a solution to get folks to the info they need. Marking as solution may not be the tool you are looking for. I’ve seen plugins for adding custom emoji and such, and I bet you could base badges off a query that checks them.

Just some suggestions. I’d get into more details, as Simon mentions above. :slight_smile: